Character Creation

nessa_blog_portraitMMOs are a tricky thing.  These are games that not only ask for our money for either an initial purchase, a monthly fee, or the newer trend of micro-transactions, but they ask for our time.  And a lot of it.  We spend hours, days, weeks, sometimes months of accumulated hours on these games.  When investing so much of our lives to a game we need to love our characters.

Neverwinter is one of many MMOs that give us an extensive character creator.  Cryptic has always been good at giving us control over our “other-selves” from City of Heroes, to Champions Online, Star Trek, and now Neverwinter.  Other great character creation games are Spore, APB, Conan, Tiger Woods games, and the Saints Row series.  The developers of these games understand how much time they’re asking for us to invest and give us the option of creating the perfect character.

Why does it matter you ask?  Because we as gamers need to identify with our character.  We need to make a character that represents us in some way.  Sometimes it’s through making one that looks like us, or looks like our ideal us.  Sometimes it’s making a character that looks like how we want to play such as the skulking rogue or the valiant paladin.  Other times it’s just making something pretty that we enjoy looking at on the screen.  No matter the reason, it’s a very important part of WHY we play.  If we don’t like our characters, then why spend the time playing them?


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