Comic Time!

nessa_blog_portraitI love my local hobby shop.  I go there at least once a week.  The people that work there know me and I often get into long conversations with them.  I see regulars there and always say hi and they treat me with respect and politeness.

So it really took me off guard when two random guys I’d never seen before started testing me on my Warhammer knowledge.  I stood there with my newly purchased miniature in my hand answering questions about lore and gameplay.  I was so confused on what was happening I simply stared, blinked, and answered while they grilled me.  Once they had finished their questions about Warhammer (and begrudgingly decided that I knew enough about it) they switched to comic books.  I’ve never been a big comic reader, but I knew enough from TRU talking about it at the kitchen table.  I answered what I could until they stumped me on “which issue did red kryptonite first appear?”  I told them I didn’t know and they smirked at each other and walked out of the store murmuring “I just hate those Fake Geek Girls.”


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