Comic Time!

tanooki_blog_portraitHere are my top five bestest fantasy pets ever.

5. Mogwai – At first I was thinking an Ewok but I like Mogwai singing much better.  Plus, Mogwai are slightly more compact.

4. A Korok from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker or a Kodama from Princess Mononoke – They’re very similar creatures in size and cuteness, plus they both make the little rainstick noises.

3. Racing Snail –  I’m not talking about the new, little DreamWorks one, I mean the big, riding one from The Neverending Story.  This one!

2.  Luck Dragon – Also from The Neverending Story.  It doesn’t HAVE to be Falcor, but I wouldn’t complain if it was.  “FAAALCOOOOOR!”

1. Pikachu – For the exact reason you see below.


Tanooki’s Tangents

tanooki_blog_portrait9Key may be stomping around grumbling about Christmas, but I LIKE getting gifts for people.  All of us are pretty different, but there’s always a good gift for everyone, whether you wanna spend 10 bucks or 2000.  Here’s my picks for the girls.




Eve – The Sporty One


BISTRO Electric coffee grinder Black

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen Eve without a coffee in her hand.  Bodum makes awesome coffee stuffs.  This grinder is affordable and will be used every late night raid. LINK!!!

Capture3Jawbone UP

Eve is always moving and doing stuff.  Oh, and she loves stats.  Jawbone UP is basically a stat tracker for your life.  It’s pretty sweet.  LINK!!!


TRU – The Uber Nerd


Serenity LEGO Set

For the Firefly fan.  It even comes with all the crew in LEGO form.  LINK!!!



Tardis PC

TRU has a super geek crush on The Doctor.  This PC is the ultimate Doctor Who fan present.  A little pricy though.  LINK!!!


Nessa – The MMO/Cosplayer

mr100cg_mid_resStanley MR100CG Contractor Grade Riveter

Cosplayers need a good Riveter.  It’s just a fact.  LINK!!!




Logitech F540 Wireless Headset

Nessa is always talking to her guilds online.  She’s also always cursing at her headset cord when she tangles it or rolls over it with her chair.  Logitech makes good headsets.  LINK!!!


9Key – The Badass


Brass Knuckles Coffee Mug

As 9Key is always right on the edge of getting into a fight, this just seemed logical.  LINK!!!




Team Fortress 2 Sniper Statue

I think I actually heard 9Key squeal when she saw this. LINK!!!



Tanooki – Pure Awesome Me


Cause a girl can’t have too many pairs of goggles. They’re more useful than you think. LINK!!!





Figma Link

Figma is a Japanese action figure company and their stuff is really high quality.  This is the FIRST Nintendo character they’ve ever done and he’s AAAWESOOOME!  LINK!!!  (Haha, get it?)


For Everyone


Candy Cane Edible Shot Glasses

Genius!!  LINK!!!



So, my shopping is done!!!! And all online.  Man, I love the internet.


Tanooki’s Tangents: Xbox Smartglass

So. Windows 8 is out.  I could go off for hours on the goods and bads of it.  There’s a lot of people crying “Oh nos! It’s terrible! I FEAR CHANGE!!” while hiding under their desks hugging their bronzed box of Windows XP.  And still others are singing praises of “it’s the most intuitive piece of engineering this world has EVER seen!  Better than gravity!” and then rolling around naked on magazine advertisements for Surface.  But I’m going skip the review on 8 for now. THIS particular blog is about Xbox Smartglass.


For those of you that don’t know, Xbox Smartglass is an app that you can download on your PC, phone, or tablet.  With Smartglass running on your favorite techer-toy you can connect to your Xbox 360 and make it do fancy tricks such as turning it into a controller or having “buddy” features for a show or game.  It’s rather bare bones at the moment, but the possibilities make me want to do cartwheels.  (Here’s a LINK to my favorite site, Gizmodo, explaining it in more detail if you’re interested.)

“A concrete example: As Game of Thrones was being shown on the TV via Xbox 360, a SmartGlass-enabled tablet displayed a map of Westeros and other relevant information about the show. Content can either be pushed from the tablet/phone/computer to the 360, or from the 360 directly to the TV. SmartGlass connects all of those devices to make content engrossing on multiple levels. Your individual devices don’t have to ignore each other, they’ll work together to entertain you more.”

There are 70 million Xboxes in world, and the majority of those households have a tablet or phone capable of running Smartglass.  It’s the quiet brilliance of it really.  Microsoft says, “You don’t have to buy anything new.  Use whatever you have, even iOS products. Just download our app and go!”  Clever guys, clever.

I have high hopes for this type of interaction, and the numbers are backing me up.  How we experience our media could be changing drastically very soon.  Here’s a few ideas from my pretty, pink-haired head of how this could be used:

Interactive TV Shows

All you Psych lovers out there know that there is a pineapple somewhere in every episode.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to connect with Smartglass and buzz in each time you see one?  Build up points to use on Shaun lunchboxes and Gus plushies!

Something as simple as this type of interaction will make watching your favorite show an accelerated experience.  Shows will start to design themselves around how their audience can interact instead of passively watch.  Children’s educational shows could benefit from this greatly.  I mean really, who wouldn’t have wanted to follow along with Bill Nye the Science Guy as he taught how to make a volcano erupt?

Additional Game Content

You know that friend of yours that likes games but just kinda sucks at them?  But they still want to be part of the fun?  TADA!!  Sidekick Smartglass apps!  Have your friend collect pick-ups or reload for you as you go.  Or while the main player runs around killing and looting components, the Smartglass player could be playing a casual, crafting mini-game to construct new guns and upgrades.  You could have your own personal Q!

The ways that Smartglass will affect games is exciting to think about.  Microsoft already mentioned Madden having a Smartglass component as the playbook. That way the sneaky person you’re playing with *cough* EVE *cough* won’t be able to see your plays.

Other examples:

Sports – Watching a Celtics game?  Want to know more about Kevin Garnett as he steps up for a free throw?  How about touching your tablet to bring up his stats and video clips from his career!

News – CNN references an article about Hurricane Sandy and BOOP! It uploads instantly on your Smartglass, just in case you want to read it all along with a list of all other references within the last hour.

Marketing/Advertising – Product placements anyone?  You want the awesome jacket that Kate Beckett from Castle is wearing?  Maybe you want that particular type of whisky that Nucky is drinking on Boardwalk Empire.  Good thing Smartglass links you right to the spot to order.



I personally would have LOVED to have a digital painting app to follow along with the late and wonderful Bob Ross.  I shall make this happy little tree WITH you Bob and I won’t be dripping paint all over my floor!

I can barely stay still in my seat while I wait to see what other studios and people all over the world will come up with.  The future is frikken fantastic.


Tanooki’s Tangents: Torchlight II

I’m gonna tell you about a ferret named Mr. Tumtum Von Stinkypants.  I met him in Torchlight II. I’m an engineer and I clobber my enemies with a GIANT *&%#ING WRENCH while I throw teenie, mechanical, spider-splosives at them.  My gunbot “rat-a-tattas” and my sledgebot “kaPOWs” and my healbot……heals. Oh yeah, and I have a cannon juuuuust in case all that isn’t enough.  But the REAL star of this game is Mr. Tumtum and this is why:

Example One-

Oh nos! I’m being randomly attacked by a swarm of monsters!” *click click click click*

Wow, look at all the shiny loot on the ground!  Too bad that my inventory is full. OH WAIT! Mr. Tumtum!  Why don’t YOU carry all this loot so I can have only the important shiny things in MY inventory!  Thank you Mr. Tumtum!  Here is a fish that will turn you into a scary spider for a while.

Example Two-

Golly-gee there’s quite a few things that I would like to identify.  But, as always, I’m out of identify scrolls. Too bad I will have to go alllll the way back to town in order to get more.  Sigh….OH WAIT! Mr. Tumtum!  Will YOU please go back to town and get them along with some mana potions?  Sell all the crappy stuff while you’re there too! Thank you Mr. Tumtum!  Here is a fish that will turn you into a disturbing molebeast.

Example Three-

Eek!  I just spilled pickle juice all over my keyboard!  I must quickly clean it up before my homerow becomes sticky and picklefied!  I hope I don’t get attacked while I’m busy! *clean clean*

Well I’m sure I’m dead now and…..OH WAIT!  Mr. Tumtum!  You protected me from the horde of evil armadillos while I was gone!  And you even healed yourself with the spell you learned! You’re so wonderful Mr. Tumtum.  Here is a fish that will turn you into a giant crab.  Just because I love you. 

So you see, there’s still a whooooole lota *click click* *loot loot* *click click* *loot loot* , but with pets like Mr. Tumtum Von Stinkypants, it makes it much more enjoyable.  Thanks Runic!

-Tanooki  ❤ ❤ ❤