Comic Time!

tanooki_blog_portraitHere are my top five bestest fantasy pets ever.

5. Mogwai – At first I was thinking an Ewok but I like Mogwai singing much better.  Plus, Mogwai are slightly more compact.

4. A Korok from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker or a Kodama from Princess Mononoke – They’re very similar creatures in size and cuteness, plus they both make the little rainstick noises.

3. Racing Snail –  I’m not talking about the new, little DreamWorks one, I mean the big, riding one from The Neverending Story.  This one!

2.  Luck Dragon – Also from The Neverending Story.  It doesn’t HAVE to be Falcor, but I wouldn’t complain if it was.  “FAAALCOOOOOR!”

1. Pikachu – For the exact reason you see below.