Game Announcement


Today GGP announces that we’re working on a game!  Yup! A game for all to play!  Starring the pop-culture obsessed, human-loathing, giant monster movie loving, Kratos!  Kratos_turnaround

This is definitely a passion project for us.  Ideas of a companion game for the Gamer Girl Pinup property has been talked about for quite a while now and things have finally come to a spot where it’s possible.  We’ll be posting weekly about the process of putting it all together, we’d be happy to have you along for the ride!

9Key’s Throwdown

9Key_blog_portraitFound a new challenge for you all.  This is a poster done by Daniel Nyari on Society6.  How many can you name?  Some are pretty obscure….

You can answer here or on the Facebook site if you want to earn your geek badge.



All the weapons were guessed on Facebook.  Here are the complete answers along with links:

1. Tetris Pieces

2. Green Lantern’s Power Ring

3. The One Ring

4. Pokeball

5. Batarang

6. Noisy Cricket

7. Green Koopa Shell

8. Golden Gun

9. Star Trek Phaser

10. Bomberman Bomb

11. James Bond Walther Ppk Caliber

12.Prince of Persia Sands of Time Dagger

13. Machete Friday the 13th

14. Freddy Krueger Gloves

15. Infinity Gauntlet

16. Scorpion’s Spear

17. Indiana Jones’ Whip

18.Plasma Cutter from Dead Space

19. Tomb Raider H&K USP Match 2

20. Half-Life Crowbar

21. Mario Ultra Hammer

22. Green Power Ranger Dagger Flute

23. Thor’s Hammer Mjölnir

24. Kung-Lao’s Hat

25. Halo Assault Rifle

26. No Country for Old Men – Anton Chigurh’s Weapon

27. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Weapons

28. Ryno V from Ratchet and Clank

29. Half-life Gravity Gun

30. Light Sabers

31. Shaun of the Dead

32. Harry Potter’s Wand

33. Ash’s Chainsaw – Army of Darkness

34. Captain America’s Shield

35. Heman’s Sword

36. Thundercats – Sword of Omens

37. Excalibur

38. Portal Gun

39. Link’s Master Sword

40. Kratos’ Blades

41. Ghostbusters Proton Pack

42. Cloud’s Buster Sword – Final Fantasy 7

43. Gears of War Lancer

44. Link’s Master Shield

45. Kill Bill’s Hattori Hanzo Sword

46. Soul Edge from Soul Caliber

47. Squall’s Gunblade – Final Fantasy 8

48. BFG 9000 – Doom


5 Favorite Scary Games

For this post-Halloween weekend we’ve been thinking about horror games.  A lot of games try to be scary, but only a few succeed (and not too many recent ones).  All the girls agree that the Silent Hill Series is the King of all horror games, but here’s some others that once scared the pants of them.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent – PC

Inspired by Lovecraft, this game is pretty terrifying.  You can’t fight your enemies, only survive by running from light spot to light spot.  They start you off with no idea why you’re in the house and must search for clues to unravel the mystery.  It’s peaks and valleys of adrenaline. Try it.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly – PS2, Xbox,

Creepiest game ever!  You play a teenie, Japanese girl armed only with a camera.  There’s ghosts everywhere and you can ONLY defeat them by trapping their souls in pictures.  Oh, oh. And you can only SEE the ghosts through the camera too.  So they’re just RIGHT THERE when you look through it.  EEEEEE!

7th Guest – PC, iPad

An oldie.  And it’s now available for download on your iPad.  The puzzles are a good range of quick thinking and intensely difficult.  The world is filled with unnerving imagery without being gory or covered in grunge like some others I can think of.  Give it a try or, like me, play it again for the fifth time.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem – Gamecube

I don’t like horror games as a rule, but Eternal Darkness was something different.  This game toys with your own sanity as you play different characters through history.  I was once completely fooled by the game when I thought there was a fly walking across my screen.  Turned out to be the game messing with my mind. Brilliant.
Dead Space – PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Despite the stupidest advertising campaign EVER for Dead Space 2, Dead Space the original was pure awesome sauce.  The idea of strategic dismemberment was genius.  The necromorphs are twisted as f**k and way too fun to blow to pieces.   If you’re a shooter fan there’s really no reason not to have played it. …wait…I’m going to say it’s the second stupidest campaign ever….the trophy is going to have to go to Dante’s Inferno instead (seriously, look these up)….

So there you go.  Pick up an old classic or look for a new creeper.  But turn off the lights and sit close and enjoy.

Other fantastic scary games – Condemned, Resident Evil Series, Left 4 Dead Series, F.E.A.R. Series, Clock Tower, Bioshock