TRU Facts: 2012 Gamer Demographics

This is the first year that The Entertainment Software Association included mobile games in their numbers.  The average ages saw a big change in the percentages from 2011 to 2012 because of this.  And the ratio of female to male players is getting closer and closer to even every year.  But I’ll let you read the numbers for yourself.

Eve’s Top Ten: Best Video Game Character Match Ups

Someone asked me today, “Who would win in a fist fight? Mario or Luigi?”  That got me thinking about what other awesome game character match ups would be fun to see.  I listed them below for your pleasure and enjoyment.  Oh, and my money is on Mario, all the way.


Battle of the Ages.

Ezio (Assassin’s Creed II-Revelations) vs Altair (Assassin’s Creed)

I’m honestly not quite sure who would win…


Dragon Rage!

Spyro (Spyro Series) vs Bowser (Mario Series)

Speed against strength?  I’d love to throw Yoshi in there as a wild card.


Last Crusade of the Doom Raiders! (Too much?)

Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series) vs Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Series)

Indy would still kick both of their asses.


Bullets Flying and Hair Flipping!

Dante (Devil May Cry Series) vs Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

Should be interesting as I’m pretty sure both of them are cross-dressers.


A Battle of Mythic Proportions!

Kratos (God of War Series) vs War (Darksiders)

Think of the city repair costs.


Shooting in the Dark!

Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) vs Solid Snake (Metal Gear Series)

Stick them in a cluttered warehouse and see what happens.


Joystick Duel!

Do I really need to explain?

Q-Bert looks a little like a big power pellet….


Parkour Royale!

Unnamed Prince (Prince of Persia) vs Faith Connors (Mirror’s Edge)

Helicopter drop them into downtown New York and grab your popcorn.


Go Go Gadget Arm Cannon!

Mega-Man(…from Mega-Man) vs Samus (Metroid)

Pure saucy awesomeness.


Battle of the Brains!

Rasputin (Pshyconauts) vs Jack (Mass Effect Series)

My number one match up.  The winner takes on Prof. X.

Tanooki’s Tangents: Torchlight II

I’m gonna tell you about a ferret named Mr. Tumtum Von Stinkypants.  I met him in Torchlight II. I’m an engineer and I clobber my enemies with a GIANT *&%#ING WRENCH while I throw teenie, mechanical, spider-splosives at them.  My gunbot “rat-a-tattas” and my sledgebot “kaPOWs” and my healbot……heals. Oh yeah, and I have a cannon juuuuust in case all that isn’t enough.  But the REAL star of this game is Mr. Tumtum and this is why:

Example One-

Oh nos! I’m being randomly attacked by a swarm of monsters!” *click click click click*

Wow, look at all the shiny loot on the ground!  Too bad that my inventory is full. OH WAIT! Mr. Tumtum!  Why don’t YOU carry all this loot so I can have only the important shiny things in MY inventory!  Thank you Mr. Tumtum!  Here is a fish that will turn you into a scary spider for a while.

Example Two-

Golly-gee there’s quite a few things that I would like to identify.  But, as always, I’m out of identify scrolls. Too bad I will have to go alllll the way back to town in order to get more.  Sigh….OH WAIT! Mr. Tumtum!  Will YOU please go back to town and get them along with some mana potions?  Sell all the crappy stuff while you’re there too! Thank you Mr. Tumtum!  Here is a fish that will turn you into a disturbing molebeast.

Example Three-

Eek!  I just spilled pickle juice all over my keyboard!  I must quickly clean it up before my homerow becomes sticky and picklefied!  I hope I don’t get attacked while I’m busy! *clean clean*

Well I’m sure I’m dead now and…..OH WAIT!  Mr. Tumtum!  You protected me from the horde of evil armadillos while I was gone!  And you even healed yourself with the spell you learned! You’re so wonderful Mr. Tumtum.  Here is a fish that will turn you into a giant crab.  Just because I love you. 

So you see, there’s still a whooooole lota *click click* *loot loot* *click click* *loot loot* , but with pets like Mr. Tumtum Von Stinkypants, it makes it much more enjoyable.  Thanks Runic!

-Tanooki  ❤ ❤ ❤