Kratos the Stalker


Expression sheets! Expression sheets!  There’s never enough expression sheets.  To really make a character become memorable, likable, professional, and marketable, they need to be able to be drawn in the artists’ sleep.  From cocktail napkins, to sketchbooks, to photoshop files, to drawing in pudding with my spoon, Kratos has been in every corner of my life recently.

Game Announcement


Today GGP announces that we’re working on a game!  Yup! A game for all to play!  Starring the pop-culture obsessed, human-loathing, giant monster movie loving, Kratos!  Kratos_turnaround

This is definitely a passion project for us.  Ideas of a companion game for the Gamer Girl Pinup property has been talked about for quite a while now and things have finally come to a spot where it’s possible.  We’ll be posting weekly about the process of putting it all together, we’d be happy to have you along for the ride!