Eve’s Top 10: Ten Goods in 2012

eve_blog_portraitThere were quite a few less than desirable things that happened this year.  Whether it was something that hit close to home or affected your entire country, it’s sometimes tough to see the good things.  My Top 10 today is specifically to remind us that every day there are wonderful things that happen in this world.

1. The World Didn’t End


Sorry Mayans!  Guess we’re not going your path quite yet, but you did give us a great excuse to have End of the World parties!

2. The 2012 Summer Olympics


No matter what scandals and downfalls get highlighted in the media, the Olympics are one of our world’s greatest traditions.  It brings people from all over the world together to show the heights and trials of human abilities.  And, by the way, WHY did no one tell me there was a trampoline event!?  Trampolines people!

Here’s China’s Dong Dong (you’re allowed ONE girly giggle) at his gold winning trampoline event.

3. Tim Schaffer got on Kickstarter


Kickstarter has been around for years, but Tim Schaffer from Double Fine blew open the doors for fan-funded games.  His game brought in over 3 million dollars from eager fans.  (PSYCHONAUTS FOREVER!)  Since then hundreds of games have been funded and given a chance to many smaller developers in a struggling economy.  I really hope these projects turn out some gems.


4. New Animal Species Discovered


Each year we discover more and more species that we share this earth with.  Some are adorable while others look like face-sucking aliens.  Either way, they’re living their lives just like you and me, and it’s amazing to learn what exists right under our noses…or feet…or skin…

Here are a couple sites featuring a few of the not-so-new species that we just discovered: http://green-buzz.net/science-technology/new-species-discovered-in-year-2012/

This spider is particularly amazing to me: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/12/spider-building-spider/

5. Curiosity Rover Landing


While some of us were busy discovering things on this planet, there were others looking towards the stars.  On August 6th, 2012 The Curiosity landed on Mars.  The cute little guy rolled around the Gale Crater getting tons of pictures and samples to study. Next up, teleporting.

6. Gamer Girl Pinups Started


GGP happily found a spot on the wide world of tubilicious goodness.  And we’ve been enjoying the ride.

7. Same-sex Marriage


This year in November, Maryland, Main, and Washington went on the list of states that allow same-sex marriage.  That’s nine states that are full-on legal.  We’re getting there America.  *Sniff* It’s like my little country is growing up. *Sniff*

Here are some pictures of couples that got hitched in Washington.  Some brand new and some that have been together over 40 years.  Congratulations to them all.

8. Lucasfilm is Bought by Disney


This one is a little more controversial, but I believe in the light side.  We all know what happened with the last three Star Wars films with Lucas in charge.  And Disney is filled with high-level employees that feel the same.  I trust that they will figure out a way to make the next three go back to what we remember.  But we’ll just have to be patient and see.

9. Windows 8 Release


I know there’s a few of you out there groaning as you read this one.  And there always will be when a new OS comes out.  But there will always be another on the horizon so get used to it.  Windows 8 was released to the public this year with a big learning curve and a hell of a lot of potential.  The way we interact with our computers and well, ALL of our tech, is on the edge of changing, and 8 is going to help push it that way.

10. Smithsonian Recognizes Video Games as Art


About damn time world!  The argument of “are games art?” is very tired.  There are still those out there that simply refuse to see the parallels between making a painting and a digital concept, a sculpture from clay and a zbrush sculpt, or a movie and narrative game.  Maybe this acknowledgement will help open some eyes.

There’s plenty of other good things that happened.  Find what’s good in your life and enjoy the end of this one little year in history.  Maybe with a big piece of pie.  Or a cold beer.  Or one of those big leather chairs with the chilled cup holders that kick all the way back.  You know, whatever floats your wintery season boat.