Hi. This would be the part where I write about myself.

Both art and games have always been an important part of my life.  From marathon Counter-Strike nights with friends, to holiday Trivial Pursuit bouts with my family, to long hours getting 100% completion on every level, games have brought me closer to people and helped take the stress out of my life.

I was pretty excited the day I realized that I could combine my two favorite things and make a career out of it.  I received my BFA in Illustration from Minnesota then shipped myself off to The Guildhall at SMU.  There, I got a Masters degree in Interactive Technology with a specialization in Art Creation (fancy talk for “Masters in Game Art”).  I’ve been in the game industry for years now and am excited to see where the road will take me.

I’ve known the Gamer Girls for a while now.  Each of them pop in and out of my life occasionally and remind me to enjoy games instead of just make and critique them.  They also remind me that being a pinup isn’t about trying to look sexy, it’s knowing you already are and loving it.

-Trisha Williams


3 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Dear Trisha and crew,

    I recently discovered GGPU and I really got to say “Thank You.” THIS IS OUTSTANDING!!!
    I love the blending of the series’ humor, with the diversity of the girls personal character and background, along with each of the girls “specialty” in a specific field of Geekology. Also having all of them being young, strong, intelligent women, much like yourself, and the real life women they are portrayals of I am sure, is refreshing and motivating. Keep up the great work.

    XBOX GT: Ri0t Earp

    P.S. I love me some 9-Key!! The My little pony tattoo skit and when she got schooled packing up for the move with the statement “You should have played more Tetris” are my personal favorites, literally made me laugh out loud!!

    1. Thank you so much J.T.! This has truly been a fun and unexpected adventure for us. We’re especially happy when we run into fans that honestly appreciate each of the girls’ uniqueness.


  2. Hey Trisha!
    Totally a fan of the series and how it shows humor and some realism to the idea that women can be sexy and not have to be 2D. My favorite character is 9key and love the eepisode with Krampus in it, he’s a tradition around our house and we send him out with our Xmas cards. Keep up the good work and know guys and gals alike love what you draw!


    Johnny Skull

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